Quiz answers 2020

Quiz night 2020 see if your vision is 2020

  1. Can you name at least two houses in the village that have false windows? Elie house, Castle, Sauchar house ,16a south street and quite a few more

  2. What was Baird Place before it was Baird Place?  It was the old railway station

  3. Who was the last provost of Earlsferry ? Tom Donaldson

  4. What business did the Steele family run in the Toft ? shipbuilding hence the slip way at the end of Toft.

  5. Where would you have seen Earlsferry’s German Gun? Chapel Green

  6. Name both military units that built the tanks traps in Elie ? Middlesex regiment and polish paratroopers

  7. Which family bought Elie House in 1927 ? Nairns

  8. ….and from whom did they buy it ? Bairds

  9. What is the name of the village immediately to the north of Kilconquhar? Barnyards

  10. Who was the last minister to live in the Manse in the Terrace before it became Avernish. Kenny Dow

  11. Fires:

Which building twice went on fire, was restored the first time but not the second - The marine hotel

Which building recently went on fire and was reinstated the  deli

Which building was set on fire and then built over with other buildings the station

Which building went on fire in about 1880 and was never restored – it is now just a ruin.  Grange House

  1. Who met the committee of recreation park in 1923 to discuss the  layout of the ladies golf course.  James Braid – he was visiting Elie for his mother’s funeral.

  2. What was it in 1776 that  the Baillies  of Earlsferry advertised for lease with the words ‘…Very fit for paving the streets of London or elsewhere…’   It was a quarry which was advertised by Earlsferry Magistrates as being within quarter of a mile of Elie Harbour but then later it says half a mile.  We can only speculate that since it was in Earlsferry, since it was owned by the Earlsferry magistrates it must have been on the commonty i.e. golf course so it was probably on the 6th Fairway of the golf course.

  3. What was the name of the golf club set up in 1830 in Earlsferry. ? E. Abbey Golf Club

  4. Who laid the foundation stone for Earlsferry townhall in September 1872 and for a major prize what was his occupation.? Alexander Henry who was a freemason and it was laid with full masonic orders, a procession through Elie and Earlsferry and a time capsule was buried in these terms “ a bottle containing the coins, papers, &c., into the cavity prepared for its reception”  Where this is we do not know but it may be under the front steps of the hall.  Henry lived in Chapel Green house and was rifle maker of some repute  and wealth apparently.

  5. What is or was the connection of a “Schneider Revolver” with Earlsferry  ? a trophy competed for by Thistle gc.  It was won outright by George Mason in 1877 having won it the previous two years.  In these days winning a trophy three years in a row the trophy became your property.

  6. Who in 1982 sued the Golf House Club for 850 for damages to his tomato crop by weedkiller being sprayed on the golf course. ? Dr Todd.  The action was eventually settled  for 150  payable to Dr. Todd 5 years later with expenses in excess of 2,500

  7. The Council decided to dispense with Jimmy after he had been beaten in a bucket-lifting race with a tractor.’ 1949 newspaper - who or what do you think was Jimmy ? Horse but ironically after he was retired and taken to his pasture by his new owner he was called back into service almost immediately because the tractor driver had failed his driving test.

  8.  In 1949 an Elie person was  fined £5 for breach of election law – do you know what the breach was ? Monty Moncreiff  he hired taxis to take people to the polls.

  9. Berolino was a house in Links Place – what is its current name ? Ochter house it was built in 1915 by a Mr. Lampson from Berlin who was related to Mr. Harold Smith who owned Amphion House at that time, hence the name but he became concerned at the outbreak of world war 1 that he might be thought to be a spy and be signalling ships in the Forth so he and his family went to live in Peebles where presumably he could not see the sea ???