History Society Quiz 2020

Quiz night 2020 see if your vision is 2020

  1. Can you name at least two houses in the village that have false windows?

  2. What was Baird Place before it was Baird Place?

  3. Who was the last provost of Earlsferry ?

  4. What business did the Steele family run in the Toft ?

  5. Where would you have seen Earlsferry’s German Gun?

  6. Name both military units that built the tanks traps in Elie ?

  7. Which family bought Elie House in 1927 ?

  8. ….and from whom did they buy it ?

  9. What is the name of the village immediately to the north of Kilconquhar?

  10. Who was the last minister to live in the Manse in the Terrace before it became Avernish.

  11. Fires:

Which building twice went on fire, was restored the first time but not the second

Which building recently went on fire and was reinstated

Which building was set on fire and then built over with other buildings

Which building went on fire in about 1880 and was never restored – it is now just a ruin.

  1. Who met the committee of recreation park in 1923 to discuss the  layout of the ladies golf course.

  2. What was it In 1767 that  the Baillies  of Earlsferry advertised for lease with the words ‘…Very fit for paving the streets of London or elsewhere…’

  3. What was the name of the golf club set up in 1830 in Earlsferry. ?

  4. Who laid the foundation stone for Earlsferry townhall in September 1872 and for a major prize what was his occupation.?

  5. What is or was the connection of a “Schneider Revolver” with Earlsferry  ?

  6. Who in 1982 sued the Golf House Club for 850 for damages to his tomato crop by weedkiller being sprayed on the golf course. ?

  7. The Council decided to dispense with Jimmy after he had been beaten in a bucket-lifting race with a tractor.’ 1949 newspaper - who or what do you think was Jimmy ?

  8.  In 1949 an Elie person was  fined £5 for breach of election law – do you know what the breach was ?

  9. Berolino was a house in Links Place – what is its current name ?