History Society Quiz Night 2019   Answers

1.       The Earlsferry Town Council Elections in 1903 went wrong – do you  know why ? get a point if you answered NO but get ten points if your answer is broadly along these lines. there were six candidates and three of them had been proposed by non resident people but the returning officer declared the whole election void but he should have disqualified those not properly proposed and seconded and the three which were cosher should have prevailed.

2.       What was the name of the boat from whence the periscope at the golf club came? HMS Excalibar

3.       In 1929 the whole village of Earlsferry and it seems Elie turned out to welcome home which golfer ?

………for an extra point - why? James Nelson Smith he was beaten finalist in British amateur championship that year. Extra extra point for name of person who beat him  Cyril Tolley 4 and 3

4.       According to the newspapers in 1892 Montrose had only 1, its last return being 56. Perth has 161, compared with 167, and St Andrews has reduced its total from 51 to 10. The following burghs had none for four years -Anstruther Wester, Crail, Cromarty, Dornoch, Earlsferry, and Nairn. What were they ?  drunks - it was after the imposition of an 11pm licensing curfew and there was an intention to see if drunkenness subsided as a result of earlier closing.

5.       In the context of Elie and Earlsferry what is VIPER? Village  I       P       emergency response

6.       What macabre item was washed up on the beach in 1832 that caused a bit of stir? Coffin minus the  lid there was no attempt made to re unite it with the owner.

7.       Where did the Gourlay Family live ? Kincraig and the Castle in South Street

8.        “The Recreation Park” became what ? Ladies Course Baird park

9.        What is the name of the lane leading from the Toft to Wadeslea ? admiralty lane

10.    Who used to practice their ‘descents’ behind the Golf Hotel ? polish paratroopers

11.   Earlsferry has two assets in the common good fund – the first is the right to play golf on Earlsferry Links what is the other one ? hint - think buildings - Earlsferry Town Hall

12.   Of the 8 roads that lead direct from the main streets of both Elie and Earlsferry direct to the bents and beach there are two  odd ones out – what are they ? Ferry Road and Siward Lane all the others are Wynds the pre 1929 one was that ferry road was previously called Germans  Wynd until the amalgamation of the burghs.

13.   What is the emblem on top of the weather vane of Earlsferry Town Hall ? ship

14.   ……and Elie Parish Church ? golden cockerel

15.   What was the use of Sahara Park before houses were built on it ? Marine Hotel car park

16.   What was the name of the Marine Hotel Annex ? Ochter house

17.   What do the initials EESC stand for ? Elie and Earlsferry Sailing Club

18.   What is the cricket connection with Elie Golf Course? Wickets the third hole is called wickets.