Question 1.

A palindrome is a word which reads the same backwards and forwards like – pup or dad

For Teens can you find two five letter words that are palindromes

For middles can you find two four letter words that are palindromes

for weenies can you find two three letter words that are palindromes.


Question 2

Here are three words with some letters missing  - once you find the missing letters can you make another word with them each letter missing is marked with ? so sm???er could be smother and the missing letters are oth  get the idea. When you have them the missing letter make another word.

For Teens  word 1  b???ket      hint bed    

                   word 2  shot??n      hint bang

                   word 3  cott???       hint small house

the missing letters make up  ????????    hint tongue

For middles    word 1 P??h    hint open door

                    word 2 p??kie  hint you have two

                    word 3  si?npost  hint pointer

 the missing letters make up ????? hint making use of something

For weenies       word 1  c??st  hint of bread

                      word 2  bu?     hint like an ant

                       word 3 ba??   hint needs nappies

the missing letters make ????? hint a game


Question 3 Some words sound the same but mean different things and maybe spelt differently..

Teens 1 It is the name of an animal, it means to carry       four letters  ????

          2  it means large, it is what you have a fire in            five letters  ????

          3  It means the status of an officer in the army, it means foul smelling  four letters                         ????

Middles  1. It means the opposite of bottom, its a toy    three letters ???

          2. it means something on a finger, the sound of a bell   four letters ????

          3. it means that something has to be paid, it means the beak of a bird.  four letters ????

Weenies something a little different   can you add one letter to  the end of each of these words to make another one.    

         might?        even?    the?



This quiz is about numbers but the answers may not be solely based on numbers

1, Sequences – 123456? that is a sequence the ? is 7 do you get that - 

OK Teens not so easy these ones but will give you a hint.

a/ what is the missing number from this sequence  1,3,6,10,??, 21

b/ what are the missing numbers from this – think there are 12 of them per year  7,8,5,?,3,4,?,6,9,7,8,8

c/ what are the missing letters from this m,t,?,t,f,?,s  hint there are only seven of them



a/ what is the missing number from this  10,8,6,?, 2

b/ Which is the odd number out of this list ? 20,21,22,24,26,28,30 ?

c/ millimetres,???????????, metres,  kilometres ? or if you like mm,??,m,km




1 A street has 20 houses on it.  10 on the left hand side and ten on the right hand side.  The houses are numbered.

If the houses are numbered 1-10 on the left hand side and 11 – 20 on the righthand side  which house on the righthand side is opposite number 5 on the lefthand side ?

If they are numbered alternate left hand side righthand side  so that no 1 faces no 2 and 3 faces 4 and so on  what house on the righthand side faces no 7 on the lefthand side ?

2. Now a really difficult one you may want to draw this out.  A postman has to deliver letters to this street with 20 houses and he wants to work out the shortest way he has to walk.  The street is 100m long with the houses spaced evenly and the street is 10m wide. If he starts at one end and walks up one side posting letters and then down the other side and he has posted all the letters how many metres has he walked.   But if he starts at no 1 and crosses the street to number two and back to number 3 and so on zig- zagging until he gets to house 20 how many metres has he walked to post all the letters. which is better for a lazy postman?



I have £25 in my purse – I go into the post office and buy 20 stamps at 50 pence each and give the lady there a twenty pound note how much change did she give me.   

I then go the butchers shop and buy some mince which costs me  £3.50 I used the change I got from the post office to pay for this.  How much change did I get from the butchers 

I then put £2 in a charity box and go home   How much money do I have left.



teens what is twice the half of 850 ?

middles if the numbers 1 to 10 are written in words how many have only three letters and what do you get if you add them together

no cheating



1. Inventions Teens

a/ who invented the telephone ?

b/ Who invented the Television ?

c/ who invented the light bulb ?


2. Capital cities. Teens

I am planning a journey of capital cities by airplane. I am starting in London and I want to visit the following capital cities

Athens, Cairo, Canberra, Madrid, Reykjavik, Rio de Janeiro and Rome but not necessarily in that order they are alphabetical.The rules are I am only allowed to cross the Atlantic ocean once and also the Pacific once and the Mediterranean from north to south  once.

In what order would I visit them  and where would my last stop be.  There might be more than one answer !!!!! on the other hand there might not be.


3.  Map readingTeens

In an ordnance survey map what do these symbols mean ?




1.  research

a/ who was fighting at the battles of

Bannockburn, Hastings, Okinawa

b/ who was the first king of both Scotland and England?

c/ who had her head chopped off at Fortheringhay Castle ?


2. What is

a/ nitrogen

b/ yeast

c/ ice



3. What are the colours of the rainbow in the correct order reading from the outside in ?


Sequences –a sequence is a list of something in an order like 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 ? the question mark would be 8

ok a/  A,C,E, ?,I

b/ On thursday of last week I went out at 3 pm in the afternoon, I spent 10 mins walking to the gym and I spent 30 mins doing my exercises.  I then went straight home – what time did I arrive back at my house ? careful with this one imagine yourself doing it.

c/ When I got back I immediately realised I had forgotten to buy milk so I walked down to the shops which took me 15 mins, spent 5 minutes in the shop and then I came straight home – what time was it when I got home this time.



2020 is a kind of special year – what’s special about it

There are numbers missing from these can you put them in

43 + 85 = ??8,

7 X ? = ?9,  

The ?? days of Christmas added to the number of days in April take away the number of “y”s in the days of the week give you what number  ??


Granpa’s puzzle corner


Granpa’s puzzle corner


  1. What would you use the following for ?

Barometer, pedometer, thermometer, chronometer, 

  1. Logic Problems Have you done this before – if not the idea is that I give you some clues and you should from them be able to answer the question,  for example if I told you that three friends Mark, Peter and John lived next door to each other in numbers 15, 16 and 17 New street. Mark does not live in even numbered house and Peter’s house is divisible by 5.  What is the number of house that John lives in ? 

Ans  Ok if Mark does not live in 16 he must live in 15 or 17, ok so far, and if Peters house is divisible by five it has to be no 15.  So we know that peter is no 15, so mark must live in 17, which  means that John must live in 16.

Right first one then

I have three bags of sweeties they all look the same from the outside but are numbered 1, 2 and 3. If the MandMs are in no 3, and gobstoppers are not in number 1 where would I find the chocolate ?  easy yes but lets make it a bit more difficult.

Susan, Mary, Alice and Joan are playing together. They have a choice of monopoly, scrabble, cards or draughts.

Mary does not like any game that has cards in it.  Alice is very bad at spelling.  Joan does not like board games. Susan wants to play draughts.  What game does Mary want to play ?

Three ladies go shopping , Elsie, Marie and Janet.  The do not go on the same day.  The shops are closed on Monday and Wednesday and since they all have children they can’t shop at the week end.  Elsie just managed to buy some stamps on Friday.  Janet did not want a magazine from the newsagents. Marie worked on Tuesday and Friday so could not go to the shops.  Can you work out who went to what hop and when.

Now with the more difficult problems you can make a grid which helps you.

Lets call the ladies E, M and J  - they go in the first three rows on left hand side.  The next three rows are D for Deli, P for post office and N for newsagents.  Along the first column this will be T for Tuesday the second column Th for Thursday and the third F for Friday. And the fourth, fifth and sixth columns are d for deli, p for post office and N for newsagents.  So you grid looks like no 1.

The first clue you are given is that Elsie bought some stamps on Friday. So you can put a tick in the box which is Friday for Elsie and a tick for Elsie at post office and you know that Friday was the day someone went to post office so you can put a tick in the column showing Friday for post office.  Now your grid looks like no 2

Now because you know it was Elsie who went to the post office on Friday you can put a cross in the boxes which relate to anyone else shopping on Friday or going to the post office like no 3 below.

Your next clue was that Janet did not go to the newsagent so put a cross in Janet’s box where  it is under the newsagent like no 4.  When you do that you can see that the only possible place for a tick on the sixth column is showing that Marie went to the newsagents so put a tick there and put crosses in the boxes which are then excluded.  Then you can see that Janet must have been the one to go to the Deli so you can put a tick in that box, and crosses where needed. That’s no 5 and the last clue is that Marie worked on Tuesday and Fridays and could not go to the shops.  So you can put a cross on the Tuesday and Friday in Marie’s row. This means that Marie must have gone to the shops on Thursday so put a tick in her row for Thursday. You can then see that each row and column can be filled in with ticks or crosses so that you arrive at the answers that Elsie went to the post office on Friday, Marie went to the newsagents on Thursday and Janet went to the deli on Tuesday.

For all future puzzles if there are three sections you don’t know  in our case the names, the days and shops, you need grids like these but if there are four sections you will need to add a third grid like the illustration below.

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We can all do sums but why do we do them? so that we can solve problems like the following:

  1.  A man and his wife have three children and they were sitting down today chatting when they discovered that all three children had something in common.  Susan was the oldest, Mike was the middle one and David the youngest.  They noticed that today was Susan’s birthday and she had been born exactly two years before Mike who had been born exactly two years before David.    Question 1 how much older is Susan than David?   2. What was it that all three children had in common?   When is David’s birthday?

  2. I need to buy some nails to put up some shelves I have been making.   Each shelf needs four nails so I bought 36 nails.  How many shelves was I putting up? and if the nails cost 4 pence each but I can buy a dozen for £5 which is the cheapest way of paying for them?

  3. I bought a dozen golf balls before my round of golf.  I started off quite well and manged to play three holes without losing the ball I was playing with.  Then it all came apart.  At the fourth hole which has a lake along side it I hit four balls into the water and could not get them back.  How any balls did I have left on the fifth tee?  I played the fifth and sixth quite well and did not lose a ball but then disaster struck again at the seventh where again this time three of my balls finished in the lake.   I was a bit worried that I would have enough balls to finish the 18 holes then I had a stroke of luck at the ninth I hit it into the rough but I managed to find it and also found another one.  So how many balls did I have in my possession on the tenth tee?  It was at that point that my opponent ran out of golf balls so I had to give him one of mine which he promptly lost so I had to give him another one.  The 11th and twelfth were ok and I did not lose a ball. Then at the 13th I came to that pesky lake again but this time I only hit one of them into the water. 14th and 15th passed without incident then at 16th some guy’s dog ran across the fairway and picked up my ball and ran off.  I was pretty upset about this and was getting worried that I might not have enough balls to finish the 18 holes. I hit one into the lake at the 18th – did I manage to finish the round?

  4. Here’s a really difficult one for you.  I have a box which has 9 holes in it like this.  Can you put each of the numbers 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 into the boxes so that each column totals 15.  It does not matter what the rows add up to.