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Crossword Spring 2019

Answers and Explanation - Answers

1Across   BREAKWATER – anagram a tree bark w -the first letter of was.

6 ARCS the spans (Arches) remove he

9  PASSED OVER go = pass, a bit east, E channel port DOVER

10. OTTO   gOT TO get

12.  STANDING ROOM Substitute = STANDIN  at union, wedding = GROOM

15.  GAZUMPING  leering = gazing   inside u and mp

17. NARCO  anag of  4 d

18  NINON  negatively = NON back IN

19  SEPHARDIC anag scraped a, and greeting HI


24  NAYS as in neighs

25  HEADLINERS  double meaning

26  SORT  double meaning

27  BEAR IN MIND  Kodiak is a type of bear


1  BAPS graduate BA afterthought PS

2.  EAST find thE ASTeroid

3. KLEPTOMANIC anag Packet oilman

4.  ACORN double meaning

5. EVENING -night out UP - awake  

7. RETROGRADE anag road  regret

8.  STORM FORCE  double meaning

11. UGANDAN ASIAN  anagram [sorry omitted form newspaper] clue should have been 11. You could make an iguana’s DNA from this escapee.  (7,5)

13. AGONY AUNTS double meaning

14. OZONE LAYER ang nearly ooze

16. INSINCERE  at home IN because SINCE about RE

21. SIDER  pun on cider

22.  DELI   I LED back

23. USED anag